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Reviews & Other Quotes

"Changing Hearts is warm, thoughtful and well-made."


- Judy Shills, Founder, Marin Cancer Project

"We shot this movie two weeks after Sept. 11. It was the only picture that it made sense to make last year. Independent films are like miracles when they get made. This one certainly is."


- Film director Martin Guigui

"It has a sweetness, yet it belongs on the big screen because it has a larger scope."


- Faye Dunaway

"We have to acknowledge that [cancer] is everywhere."


- Ian Somerhalder

"The story and emotions conveyed in 'Changing Hearts' stayed with me for a long time. The movie was really powerful and lots of people living with cancer will want to see it."


- Debi Cooper
  Northern California Cancer Center

"Both Faye Dunaway and Lauren Holly capture the roller-coaster of feelings women have when dealing with cancer. The move made me both laugh and cry."


- Mary Ellen King
  Living With Breast Cancer

"Changing Hearts deals with the subject of cancer with so much spirit, open-heartedness and equanimity. I want to see it again!"


- Austin Therber
  Founder, The Enlightened Society

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